Thursday, February 26, 2009

Totally Creeped Out

OK, so I lied. In my last post, I lied. I said I would no longer display photos of other peoples children for comedic purposes but in this case I have to. This is probably why Karma bites me in the a** every other day. Has anyone seen either Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC or Little Miss Perfect on WE? Well, I have and I watch them with a morbid fascination. My nine year old (daughter),however, watches it with complete adoration for these girls,and it is totally Freaking Me Out!! A couple of years ago one of these "child beauty pageant" specials was on VH1 and I viewed it with both of my girls who were 7 and 10 at the time to show them just how "creepy" they were. Much to my utter dismay, they did not find them in the least little bit "creepy", and they thought they were the coolest things they had ever seen and they wanted to be in them!! Crap! It backfired! How could they not see the "EXTREME CREEPINESS" of a 5 year old with false teeth and hair and lashes and skin color!! It has been two years since my girls saw their first "pageant show" and my 12 year old has gotten over it (THANK GOD!!), but my nine year old is Obsessed!! She it totally in to it!! She practices her walk, rehearses her dance routine for the talent portion, curls her hair and works on her interview technique. She's good to go! She also asks me, almost on a daily basis, if I've checked into where we can enter her in one of these Freakshows!! I always say, "I'm working on it!" kind of like when my husband asks me if I've found a "real" full time job yet...Oh, and it has to be Glitz. For those of you not familiar with this term, it means they doll it up!! They wear more make-up than a kiddie drag show and twice as much sequins. The parents are real stagey-like and they throw around phrases like Pro-Am and Casual Wear. Practically everyone gets a crown and the winner usually gets 5-10 $100.00 bills, more often than not, in the shape of a fan. It's a riot! I would love to see one live and in person, strictly for entertainment, but not with my daughter AS A CONTESTANT!! How -OH- how do I make her see just how totally "creepy" (sorry I'm using that word so much but I just can't think of a better, more descriptive one) child beauty pageants are!! She REALLY wants to be in one! I never wanted to be the type of parent who would roll their eyes and squelch my daughters' dreams, but COME ON! I have two words...JON BENET...You know what though, I told her (my 9 YO) that story and she still doesn't care. I'm REALLY hoping this a phase that she will grow out of, but you never know, maybe someday she may almost become Vice President...

my aspiring Beauty Queen...oh the horror!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sorry Little David

I feel like a big IDIOT! Last night I just happened to catch the end of the show Inside Edition and low and behold there was David. David, of "David after Dentist" fame. Bless his little heart, he was asked how he liked all of the attention he was getting from this You Tube video and he said "At first it was really cool, but now it's not so fun." AWWWW! Poor little guy! I feel so bad I actually participated in perpetuating the exploitation of this defenseless child! I'm soooooo sorry David. Please accept my humble apology. No more posting videos of other peoples children for comedic purposes for me. I know this isn't my usual type of post, but I just felt so guilty.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Very Funny Friday

Hi All,
I have elected to paticipate in a Blogger Carnival...I know...Where are the thrill rides run by pot-smoking,transient,pedophiles and the deep fried twinkies?? Oh Well!!
This is soooooo much pressure (to be VERY FUNNY) so my lame attempt is a link, to You Tube, of all places. I laughed pretty hard when I watched it, although if it was my child I don't know if I would have posted it. If you don't find it amusing then read my Blog Posts, some of them are (I've been told). ENJOY! (or don't)