Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Bit Of A " Crush"

The past two weeks we (my kids and I) have been on Spring Break and I really wanted to post something, but I couldn't. It's been too boring. I have had nothing to say. We were drowning in a sea of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I wanted to go on and on about the Fabulous (17 day) Spring Break we just had, but i couldn't, because, frankly, it sucked. That was UNTIL...
The most exciting thing we (me and my 2 girls, 9 and 12 years old) did was go to lunch at Oregano's (OK Pizza ) and then go to see David Archuleta (really?) in concert. We did this with a bunch of other tween/teens and their moms as well. My favorite part of the "concert" was when he said " First I'm gonna sing some songs from the 90's and then I'm gonna sing some more RECENT STUFF". I laughed like I was watching Don Rickles!! NO ONE ELSE GOT IT!! This kid is soooo young he has to perform cover songs!! From the 2000's!! I want a refund! I guess you have to give him props for actually SINGING the songs and not lip synching them like most people do these days. But my girls were happy. SOOO HAPPY!!! They even made it onto the local news. Here's the story about how that happened. We walked around to the back of the theater after the performance and waited for him (David) to come out and sign autographs and shake hands and take pictures and such. I was basically just pacifying my children when I said we would do this, thinking they would get tired and we would go home. Well that did not happen. When Rachel asked me for a pen to go with her paper for an "autograph" I humored her by saying, " Celebrities always have a pen!". So. We waited...And waited... And waited some more...Then, finally, I said those dreaded words to the other waiting moms. Let's go get the car and pull it around. As you can already guess, as soon as I was far enough away to not SEE the crowd, but still close enough to still HEAR it, I heard screams. The screams of tweens/teens/David Archuleta fans. They were screaming because they saw him!! He came out into the crowd of girls and signed autographs, touched hands, high fived and even posed for a few choice pictures and cell phone snaps. The local Fox 10 station was there to capture it all (thank god!). When I pulled my car around my girls were as giddy as they could ever be spinning tales of "never washing their hand again" and "he actually talked to me!!" Rachel (the daughter I mocked for requesting my pen), even got an honest to goodness, David Archuleta autograph (with a borrowed pen) !!!! Abbie (my EMO 12 year old) was in full view, actually conversing with David on on our local evening news. This is totally THE MOST EXCITING THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO THEM IN THEIR LIVES!! And I can't figure out how to upload the stupid video onto my blog. Oh well, so much for technology. And Spring Break for that matter. Anyway I guess my point is WE (they) LOVE D A V I D A R C H U L E T A !!!! (they made me say that...)

Alyssa and Abbie with the drummer, Rachel and Lexi and Taylor with same said drummer (nice guy)

I swear, If I can figure out how to get the FoX 10 News footage in, I will Embed it (whatever that means!!!)