Friday, July 25, 2008

My First Blog

I am dressed from head to toe in Black today in mourning of a dear family member that we lost last night, I plan to sit Shiva for the next week and may have to attend some sort of support group. I have been told by my friends that I should write down the things that happen to mebecause no one would ever believe them, so today on this monumentous occasion I have finally decided to do just that. Besides, I need something new to do with my life now. You see, overnight while me and my family slept the grey screen of death crept onto my television and never left. Below is a picture of it. It seems rather innocuous, but trust me it is not. I was jarred awake at 6:10am by my husband Marty (of 17 years, a few of them happy,but not lately) with this startling news and a gruesome bunny tale (pun definitely intended) which I will explain in part two. But back to my story, my beloved Tivo has bitten the dust... Just buy a new one, you may say but alas we cannot. We have Direct TV strictly for the New York stations (NBC east,MSG and least we forget YES) us being native New Yorkers and we like to pretend we just live in a really long commute suburb. Oh, by the way we live in Gilbert, Arizona as far from New York as you can get without actually living in LA (yuck). Direct TV and Tivo have broken up and will no longer speak to each other, so I knew this day was looming large. Leaving Direct TV is not really an option as long as the Yankees are still a MLB team so switching to cable is out, and Tivo no longer manufactures a Direct TV compatible model so I am SOL. Tomorrow the "guy" comes to bring us a generic DVR and my TV watching will never be the same. It's like driving an automatic car all your life and someone telling you you HAVE to drive stick now...and like it!! I'm sorry I'm being such a drama queen about it but if you've had Tivo you know what I mean. Also let me explain something else, TV is my life. I am an addict. My TV watching is not on an amateur level, it is a carefully orchestrated schedule that often involves two channels at once in addition to another television during prime watching hours (Thursday nights) and sweeps weeks. Reality is my forte and I'm a sucker for anything music, fashion or comedy. Don't get me wrong, I do read the newspaper everyday and watch at least one news show (and no, TMZ is not a news show) so my brain isn't exactly jell-o. I do not hold high hopes for this new venture and will probably be quite unbearable for weeks. As if you couldn't already tell I am a totally "glass is half empty" type of person. The opposite of optimist. Well not exactly opposite, but definitely a realist. I will let you know how much I hate it tomorrow...

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