Sunday, October 12, 2008

10 Things I Cannot Ask Yahoo Answers

1. Does my pinky toe look broken to you?

2. How bad do I need a pedicure?

3. If I go to urgent care, what can they do for a broken toe anyway that doesn't involve tape?

4. Shouldn't I just take the $50 and buy a cute new pair of fall shoes to wear when my toe feels better?

5. How does a 40 year old woman with no athletic inclinations whatsoever break two (2) toes on the same foot in 6 weeks. (true story)

6. Why do they call it a black and blue when it is clearly purple and yellow?

7. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own foot with an auto focus camera?

8. Why is it suddenly so inexplicably cold in Arizona? (I have the answer to this one. Liz broke her toe and needs to wear flip flops instead of real socks and shoes and will no doubt run into Stacey and Clinton from "What Not To Wear"in Safeway.)

9. Why don't children close a closet door before they leave a darkened room?

10.Why doesn't anyone link me on their blog? (I know,I know, totally irrelevant but ponderous nonetheless...maybe I'm trying too hard?)


Taylor said...

Your officially on my Bloggers list :)
I love reading your blog.!
You guys are awesome!

Rachel said...

liz! i love your blog! for a long time i didn't even know you had a blog. i wasn't sure if you were ready to be 'linked' since i haven't seen you in FOREVER! so glad you made the leap into blogland.

i hope your toe feels better - what the crap?! time for steel toed shoes... they are all the rage.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your toe, ouch! Hey did you send in a funny story for that blog book? I think you are hilarious.