Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Abigail Catherine

Oh my Abbie. How did you get so much attitude into 12 short years? How can you know how to change every setting on my cell phone yet not know how to cut your own steak? How did you get to be almost as tall as me (no mean feat) and such a beautiful girl? Ten minutes ago you were 3, Now you're stealing my hair products. How can you be so sweet and so sassy at the same time? How can you possibly think that I have bad taste in clothes? How can I be walking around all day humming a Jonas Brothers song and not realize it? How on earth do you text so fast? How can you love a kitty that much? And last but not least, HOW CAN YOU BE TWELVE? ALREADY? I just gave birth to you, right? (18 hours of petocin, no epidural and a seven stitch episiotomy, for a FIVE POUND BABY-THAT I GAINED 50 POUNDS FOR!) Have a happy happy birthday honey, I hope your party on Friday is fun!!

i love you with all my heart, always...even if i don't show it sometimes.

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