Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Cathy, time sure flies when you're having fun, and flies even faster when you're not!

This is my Mom, she is the very definition of a homemaker. She is part Martha Stewart, part Livia Soprano, all Marie Barone (TV references). She loves to cook large family dinners and bake awesome birthday cakes, she also loves to complain about doing it so the proper amount of guilt is acheived through "love".
There she is in all her glory...if you only knew her insane aversion to boogers you would find this picture hilarious!

My wedding day, her mantra was WWMD (what would Martha (Stewart) do?). Can you say Momzilla? And how much do you love our ginormous hair?

This picture cracks me up. She seriously thought she was Jacqueline Kennedy, and by the way this is the one and only time in my life I have been in public in a bikini.

Shopping in Venice...possibly our most memorable day together. Before Grandchildren of course!

sighing...get it? (the bridge of sighs)


The girls in little Italy NYC on our way to Chinatown to buy fake bags!
I wish we could all go to Paesano's tonight for a Birthday dinner!!

Sept 2008

Grandma and her girls, pretty soon she'll have another little gift, a grandson (and thus an heir is born).

Hope you have a Happy Birthday Mom, I'll always remember those three little words you taught me growing up FOOD IS LOVE. So let's do lunch soon, love liz

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Anonymous said...

What a great tribute! Of course I remember you and Rachel! She's beautiful by the way. I think your blog is great and of course you should submit. I don't know who is getting in the book but I do know that she is looking for more work. Just create a post or pick a post you have done and email it to her. Just do it before the 30th! Love, the blog so I am sure I will be hopping by again! I am so glad you came over to mine! :>